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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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We see that you are not signed in. If you are a registered shipline or carrier you can see your VIT container inventory in a visual way with graphs and charts. Your inventory is broken down by Imports, Exports, Loads, Empties, Arrivals and Pre-Arrivals. Days Ready, Holds, and Incompletes are all brought to the surface to give you the information you need to get your boxes moving. These charts drill down into details displayed in fully customizable grids.

Inventory Grid Features
  • Sort/Filter/Choose Grid Columns
    You can customize the grid to see just the information you are interested in, formatted the way you want.
  • Save Views
    You can save your current set of filters and sorting information and restore this information at a later date.
  • Export to EXCEL or PDF
    Export this information to Excel to create graphs and pivot tables or to PDF for accurate printing.
  • Create Report
    Create rollup reports with counts and drill-down capabilities.
My Container Lists
Container Lists
When you are a registered user you can organize, track, report and get notified about your containers with VIT's Container List Tools.

Container Lists allow you to save lists of containers that can be quickly tracked. To save a new container list, simply click the “Save” button on the container tracking page, or add containers directly using the container list manager.

Container List Manager - Add or Delete containers from existing lists. Create new lists from containers or booking number. Every 5 minutes, we check to see if any events you’ve selected have happened and email you automatically.

The Container List Grid allows you to see your Container Lists in a grid. This gives you more flexibility and allows you create dynamic reports using your Container Lists. This grid has the same feature set as listed above for the inventory gird.

We hope you’ll find these new tools useful. If you require additional help, would like to see other features, or have ideas about how we could improve these tools, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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  New Chassis Pickup / Return Policy at NIT
Effective Monday April 14, 2014
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