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Monday, September 01, 2014
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  1. Provides container tracking, line operator access and other applications for facilities on the IKE Terminal Operating System.
    • Online System for break-bulk
    • Virginia Inland Port
      • VIP Rail Waybill Process (requires registration)
    • Norfolk and Portsmouth Empty Yards.
  2. Provides basic tracking features for the VIG (formerly APMT, Virginia) facility on the NAVIS Express TOS.
    • These features will be migrated off this site at a later time.
  3. Provides some cross-facility features that will be migrated off this site at a later time.
    • Vessel Schedule
    • Empty Return Policy Matrix
    • Chassis Pickups
  4. Provides History (yesterday and prior) tracking for all facilities.

All other content previously on is now available on the new website.

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There are no vessels scheduled for today.
    The container tracking features on this site are services of the IKE Terminal Operating System used by the Virginia Inland Port and Empty Container Yards. The VIG Tracking Tab is available for tracking containers at that facility. Container history is also available for all facilities. Use the banner link below for tracking containers at NIT and RMT.

N4 Tracking

N4 Public Access Portal Guide
VIP Rail Waybill Instructions

Motor Carrier Appointment System

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